Danny Bowien and Jesse Koide Are Opening a New Asian Spot in S.F.

Bowien in New York, but it sounds like we'll be seeing more of him again soon. Photo: Melissa Hom

It turns out that Mission Chinese Food wunderkind Danny Bowien's next project might not be in Brooklyn after all, but will be back here in S.F. The newly crowned Rising Star chef, who was one of several people to make San Francisco proud at the James Beard Awards last night, reveals to the Scoop that he and Mission Chinese collaborator Jesse Koide are hunting for a space for a new Asian restaurant that will be a kind of spinoff, but not a Chinese one. All he'll say now is that it's going to be "a twin concept restaurant," and they'll serve "food that cooks want to eat" on their days off, and also food that will "challenge people." Stay tuned, as this will clearly be a story that everyone and their grandmother's publicist will be writing about in the coming the months. [Scoop, Earlier]