The Best of S.F.: Where and What to Eat

Dinner at Outerlands is among our favorites.

San Francisco is a good-eating town, and we here at Grub Street have been doing our best to point you to the best there is when it comes to burgers, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, tacos, cocktails, desserts, you name it. In the great tradition of American sitcoms, allow us to take this mid-season moment to recap some of our favorite slideshow moments of the last couple years, just in case you missed one.

Below, the best of our best-of slideshows. No need to thank us, but feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and drop us a line if you notice something closing or opening in your neighborhood, or if you witness any crimes committed with high-heeled shoes.

Best Burgers in S.F.

The 50 Best Burgers in San Francisco

Also, here's our Top Five.

Best Pizza in S.F.

The 50 Best Pizza Places in the Bay Area

Off-Menu Dishes

Secret Suppers: 21 Amazing Off-Menu Dishes in San Francisco


Five Hip Restaurants That Aren't In the Mission

Secrets to Snagging Tables

Secrets to Snagging a Seat at San Francisco’s Most Hard-to-Get-Into Spots

Best Tacos in S.F.

The 35 Best Tacos in the Bay Area

And here's our Top Five.

Best Sandwiches in S.F.

The San Francisco Sandwich Register

Best New Desserts

Fourteen Awesome New Desserts
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Best Foie Gras Dishes

The End of Foie: 25 Foie Gras Dishes to Try in S.F. Before the Ban

7 Great SF Meals

Our Year in Seven Stellar Meals

The Sweetest Spots: Our Ten Favorite Romantic Restaurants Around the Bay

Best New Small Plates SF

Twenty New Bites to Try Right Now in San Francisco

Colorful Cocktails

A San Francisco Cocktail Kaleidoscope

Best Pasta SF

The Best Bay Area Pasta Dishes: All the Rest
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Urban BBQ

Big-City Barbecue: 101 Places to Satisfy Your Urban ’Cue Craving

Best Roast Chicken SF

The Best Roast Chicken in San Francisco

Best Bone Marrow S.F.

San Francisco’s Best Bone Marrow Dishes