Bacon Bacon Forced to Close By Bacon-Hating NIMBYs

Bacon Bacon's bacon bouquet.

You may recall that a couple months back, Bacon Bacon was facing down complaints from a couple of neighbors in their Ashbury Heights/Frederick Knob location at the Ashbury Market (205A Frederick Street). They were challenging the business's conditional use permit, allegedly because they were unhappy with the foot traffic to their street and the congregating of bacon-consuming customers who appeared outside the place. In total, two complaints were filed, but here in S.F. that is enough to get a business shut down, at least temporarily. As Uppercasing reports, they'll be shutting the doors on May 17 in anticipation of a July (or later) hearing with the Planning Commission. And if you want to show your support, and protest the meddling of grumpy NIMBYs, you can sign this petition so that they may hopefully reopen. On the good news side, the Bacon Bacon truck is back in action after that fire they suffered they suffered last November, and will be making appearances at an Off the Grid event near you soon. [Uppercasing, Earlier]