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Roth Calls Padrecito ‘a Fun Romp’; Matthews Calls Citizen’s Band ‘Funky’

Roth also recommends the mezzanine at Padrecito.

The Weekly's Anna Roth is charmed by Padrecito, the new Cole Valley spinoff of Mamacita which she says features more "simple, clean flavors" than its sister restaurant. She calls out a dish of kale sprouts, sadly already out of season, and the duck carnitas. She also likes the pork belly tacos, and mentions the "swampy green" La Copa Verde cocktail with mezcal and cilantro. All in all she says the menu is "a fun romp through the regions of the country to the south, made with local meat and produce, and complemented by interesting cocktails." [SF Weekly]

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Miles Restaurant, From Former Ad Hoc Chef Dave Cruz, Gets Preview Via East Bay Pop-Ups

Cruz, with chicken.

Dave Cruz departed the kitchen at Yountville's popular Ad Hoc back in January, having mastered the fine art of fried chicken and pot roasts with Thomas Keller. (Cruz also notably co-authored the popular Ad Hoc at Home cookbook.) He had hinted then that he was going to be opening his own place, with his own take on casual, family-style fare, and now he resurfaces via a couple of upcoming pop-ups in Oakland, in collaboration with The Trappist. First off, on May 18, he'll be doing a five-course dinner alongside s+s gastro grub at an undisclosed location, and tickets and details are here. Then, on June 8 and 9, he'll be doing two different dinners at The Trappist, the first featuring a whole roast lamb ($25 per person), and the second will be a sit-down, four-course affair featuring beef short ribs and beer pairings ($67 per person). Call 510-238-8900 for reservations. This is all in preparation for his restaurant, named Miles (after his son), for which he's still seeking a location. (The placeholder site would suggest that he wants it to be in Napa.)

Hayes Valley Farm Says Goodbye Sunday With Taco Party, Puppets

Hasta la vista, fun urban farm.Photo: Courtesy of Hayes Valley Farm

As reported earlier, Hayes Valley Farm, the temporary project on the former Fell Street off-ramp, has to give up the pop-up farmland they created. This Sunday, on Cinco de Mayo, they're giving themselves a send-off with an afternoon party for one and all featuring a "sensory scavenger hunt," a worm and composting workshop, a farm puppet photo booth, and a taco bar featuring produce grown there. The fun goes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a ceremonial cake cutting at 2 p.m., and people are encouraged to bring a picnic and stay awhile. [SFoodie]

Psychiatrist Says People Who Post Pictures of Meals Online May Have Medical Issues

Also, this guy is doing it all wrong.Photo: Fun!

Okay, this actually happened: The Mental Health chair of the Canadian Obesity Network presented on the connections between, say, obsessive Instagramming of croissants and an emerging epidemic of eating disorders, the CBC reports, at a summit on obesity yesterday. "You don't take pictures of who you're with, you take pictures of what you're eating," says Dr. Valerie Taylor, the psychiatrist-in-chief at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. The first sign for some, says Taylor, happens when the camera-phone lens shifts away from your friend named Patty and on to a lot of hamburger patties. So. What time is the intervention?

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Capo’s Offers Super Cheap Spaghetti and Meatball Meal Deal

That's a pretty swell lunch for $10 a person.

Capo’s (641 Vallejo Street at Stockton), the still newish Chicago-style deep-dish pizzeria in North Beach from Tony Gemignani, is doing a family-style meal deal on Sunday afternoons that is a pretty great and filling steal. For $39.99 you'll get "pasta fazool" soup, Caesar salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and garlic bread, all in quantities to serve four to six people. The deal goes from noon to 2:30 p.m., and that's every Sunday. (Do note: It's cash only there.)

Kellogg’s Is Trying to Make Cereal Seem Sexier

Time for a makeover.

The company's striving to appeal to a more affluent adult audience by adding Omega-3s and grains to Special K and Raisin Brain. Cereal sales are down, especially among higher-income people. But foods that you can eat on the go are thriving, leading Kellogg's to roll out items like a "Breakfast to Go" liquid cereal. Ew. If the company really wants to appeal to an older audience, it should consider producing this (fictitious) Pop Tarts-flavored vodka. Or maybe the Queen could film a commercial? [AP, HiConsumption, Earlier]

How to Know What Kind of Beer You Like

In Food & Wine, Magnolia's Dave McLean offers up a "Beer Tasting Workout" for your mouth, including a test of your bitterness threshold using grapefruit juice, and a test of how malty sweet a beer you can take by tasting things like oatmeal cookies and rock candy. Also, there are a list of beers to try, too, in order of hoppiness, and maltiness. [Food & Wine]

A $2,000 Glass of Scotch, a $600 Cigar, and Other Delights From the French Laundry’s New After-Dinner Drink List

The lone al fresco table in the French Laundry courtyard.Photo: Sara Davis

The French Laundry has recently added a spirits program, geared toward after-dinner drinks to be enjoyed with cigars and mignardises in the courtyard. The Scoop has the details, and it should go without saying that this is a high-roller's list of booze choices, with everything from 60-year-old agricole rum, to 70-year-old vintage Chartreuse. Glasses of Scotch start at $75 (for an 18-year-old Macallan in Lalique), and go up to $1,950 (for the 57-year-old, mixed vintage In Lalique III). Also, there's a 1950 Old Fitzgerald bourbon for $1,750 a glass, and a 100-year-old Queen's Silver Jubilee Cognac from Hennessey for $1,450. There are some more reasonable options, like after-dinner wines starting at $20 a glass, but then you get to the cigar menu, with the "pre-embargo Cubans" section at the rear, which includes an 1868, five-inch cigar for $595. Should you be looking to drop $10,000 on dinner, The French Laundry is happy to help you spend that sum. Behold. [Scoop]

So Cold: 23 Awful Moments in Ice-Cream-Man History

Not cool, ice-cream man. And no, I don't need any Oxy.Photo: Ocean/Corbis

Yesterday the ice-cream turf wars escalated to a troubling new level when it was reported that two upstate New York Sno Cone Joe vendors were charged with harassment and stalking the competition. The pair had allegedly become entrenched in a bitter feud with rival Mr. Ding-a-Ling and were reportedly "playing their music at high volume and trying to lure away customers with promises of free ice cream." Joshua Malatino and Amanda Scott are even said to have chased Mr. Ding-A-Ling while shouting things like, "This is my town!" and "I own this town!" So, basically, they're amateurs — we've unearthed truly grim ice-cream crimes that involve frozen pee, terrorism, jaywalkers, and more, straight ahead.

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Rich Table, Trick Dog, and Central Kitchen Added to the Chron Top 100

Central KitchenPhoto: Andrei Riskin/Grub Street

This year's update of the Chronicle's Top 100 restaurants, as selected by Michael Bauer, will be revealed to paid subscribers in Sunday's paper. But this morning Bauer releases his list of 22 new additions to the list on the blog, which includes some obvious add-ons like Rich Table (which he called "the next Frances" in his review), Central Kitchen, and Spoonbar in Healdsburg. Less obvious choices, though predictable if you've been keeping up with his reviews, include Trick Dog, Mill Valley Beerworks, and Hopscotch in Oakland, which should all benefit from this Bay Area-wide recognition.

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The Backstory of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Is Both Cheesy and Strange

Even Cool Ranch had uncool beginnings.

It was Frito-Lay, Fast Company reports, that first suggested the union of the now famous co-branded taco — more than 375 million of the nacho cheese original have now been sold — but it took a power-tool-aided intervention to convince executives the thing was a good idea. The fast-food developers "basically went out to Home Depot to buy a paint-spray gun, and then sprayed [Doritos] flavoring onto our existing yellow corn tacos."

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