Pebble Beach Food & Wine Kicks Off Tonight With Much Booze, Schmoozing

Along with South Beach and Aspen Food & Wine, it's a big old food bacchanal with a national draw.

One of the biggest and most indulgent foodievents in the national calendar, Pebble Beach Food & Wine, kicks off today with the annual Celebrity Chef and Winemaker Golf Tournament (see also this hilarious excerpt from writer Dan Dunn's drinking memoir about drunk golfing one year with Thomas Keller) and a boozy opening reception tonight. That will be followed by a weekend of solid eating and drinking for many, including a nightly industry afterparty where we once caught Daniel Boulud playing a racecar video game, for, like, hours.

We won't be attending this year ourselves, but the weekend promises a bunch of luxe events, including a champagne tasting with recently resigned Wine Advocate critic Antonio Galloni; a vertical tasting of Ridge Monte Bello; an interactive lunch with Anne Burrell; and that super-deluxe tribute dinner to Cecilia Chiang, cooked by Tyler Florence, Nancy Oakes, and Daniel Boulud. Plus, there's the Lexus Grand Tasting tent on Saturday and Sunday, for which there are still à la carte tickets for $225.

Please be advised that you should carry water with you, and try to eat something before and during tastings of twenty or more wines.

Did we mention there's a ton of wine? Yes. There is.

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