Heirloom Café Gets a Rave From the Financial Times


Heirloom Caf tends to fly a bit under the radar, despite having a cult following from wine aficionados and people in the neighborhood. Sommelier-owner Matt Straus opened the restaurant at 21st and Folsom back in 2010, and it's quietly built respect ever since including early praise from Michael Bauer. This month, though, the place got a bit of unexpected national attention via Nicholas Lander at the Financial Times, who happens to be married to British wine critic Jancis Robinson. Lander calls his meal a standout, and praises "the [dining] room [which feels] as lived in as someones home." Also, he calls out Straus's impressive wine cellar, and the ambition when he opened the restaurant to "take pleasure in watching the wines mature." [FT]