Kauffman Calls The Olema ‘the Best Meal I’ve Eaten in 2013’

The Olema

Jonathan Kauffman writes an all-out rave on Tasting Table of the newly reopened Olema, previously known as The Olema Inn. He says, "For those who loved [Manka's], which burned down in 2006, it's a triumph." He says that chef Daniel DeLong's food is "serene and seasonal, yet never predictable," and he loves a spring-vegetable bouillabaisse; some pan-roasted broccolini with olive oil and honey; and a "plump roast quail stuffed with kale and golden raisins." On Twitter, with the link to the review, he writes, "This pretty much ranks as the best meal I've eaten in 2013." [Tasting Table, JonathanKauffman/Twitter]