Fog City Diner Shutters Early Due to Disgruntled Staff; Betelnut Goes Dark

The 'diner' part is getting dropped, and so, likely, will all that chrome.

Both restaurants in the Real Restaurants portfolio that are undergoing makeovers this spring served their last meals in their current incarnations over the weekend. Betelnut closed, as announced last week, in preparation for its transformation into the more hip and street-food-inspired Hutong, opening as soon as March 11. And as the Scoop reports, Fog City Diner bowed out early after some of the staff, essentially, stormed out in a huff. It turns out the management hadn't handled the closure all that well — the place is going to go dark for about six weeks and reopen as the revamped Fog City — and some of the longtime staff couldn't afford to be out of work for so long and had to seek out new jobs. So, as owner Bill Higgins said, the kitchen staff "fell apart" on Sunday, two weeks shy of their planned closure. [Scoop, Earlier]