Cocktails at Saison to Feature Grilled Pineapple Syrup, Hearth-Popped Popcorn

A drink of 3 Stars silver rum infused with pandan leaf, young coconut syrup, and clarified lime juice.

The cocktail program hasn't completely been rolled out at the new Saison — the full liquor license has not yet cleared — but today Serious Eats brings a preview of what's to come, and a couple of shochu- and sherry-based drinks that they're already serving. Skenes says he's sourcing all the cocktail ingredients from the same high-end sources as his menu, from the produce to the sugars. And like his food, he'll be incorporating fire in the preparation wherever possible — with one sherry drink already available featuring a syrup made from pineapple grilled in the hearth. There will also be a bourbon drink infused with popcorn popped over hot coals, and other elements of smoke as well. Stay tuned to find out when the bar is officially open, hard liquor and all. And while they will take walk-ins, reservations for the bar will be accepted as well — and there are only twelve seats. [Drinks/Serious Eats]