Chef Roulette: Adam Sobel In, Jason Berthold Out at RN74

Bauer respected Berthold's food, but said it "didn't feel quite right in the space."

The Mina Group just announced the departure of executive chef Jason Berthold, who's been on board at RN74 since it opened in April 2009. Berthold, apparently, has signed on to a new, unnamed restaurant in the Bay Area set to open in the fall. Replacing him is Adam Sobel, who's both executive chef and partner. Sobel most recently was executive chef at another Mina property, Bourbon Steak in Washington, D.C., and prior to that he was a Vegas chef working at Restaurant Guy Savoy, and at Bradley Ogden's eponymous, Beard Award-winning restaurant at Caesar’s Palace. In today's release Michael Mina says, "We could not be happier about bringing [Sobel] to San Francisco where I have no doubt he’ll make an impressive mark on the culinary landscape." The change-up comes just shy of a year after Michael Bauer dropped RN74 off of his Top 100.