Reminder: Hi-Lo BBQ Opens Tonight

The inside of Hi-Lo, with its charred cedar paneling that looks like charcoal.

It was softly open over the weekend, but Hi-Lo BBQ is making its official public debut tonight. As we showed you last week, the burnt-wood paneled temple of BBQ is in a vaulted ceiling space in the former Filipino community center at 3416 19th Street between Mission and Valencia — right across the street from Hog & Rocks, which has the same owners, Scott Youkilis and Dave Esler. The chef is Texas-born Ryan Ostler, and the opening menu is here. It's counter service place, with big communal tables and some smaller ones upstairs, but servers deliver your food and drinks and take orders for more drinks as well. Be sure and check it out, and let us know if you think this is ushering in a new era for California barbecue, or what. [Earlier]