Joshua Skenes Has a Thing or Two to Say About the Tasting Menu Debate

Skenes Photo: Grub Street

"You have a choice to go where you like. No one says, 'Hey you son of a bitch, you better come to my restaurant now.' People can go where they please. Sure, it can become torturous if you wait too long between courses or its filled with a lot of butter, but if a tasting menu is designed keeping in mind that youre feeding human beings, the diner can get through the meal satisfied and have a great time ... If you look at any restaurant across the world that really truly buys the very best things, theyre all just one menu a night. ... Ultimately, its the diners vote. If you dont like a tasting menu, then [you] can chose to go somewhere else." Saison chef Joshua Skenes responding to critics like Pete Wells and Corby Kummer complaining of tasting menu fatigue. [Zagat]