Japanese Soba and Offal Pop-Up Coming Next Week to KronnerBurger

Sylvan Mishima Brackett Photo: Courtesy of Peko Peko

Sylvan Mishima Brackett, the talented guy behind Peko Peko as well as being Alice Waters's go-to artisan printer, is bringing his love of Japanese soba noodles and peasant cuisine to a one-night-only pop-up at KronnerBurger at Bruno's next Thursday, February 21. So yes, it's basically a pop-up within a pop-up. As the East Bay Express reports, Brackett will be joined by Kanji Nakatani, a chef from Japan who runs two small soba restaurants (Soba Ro and Soba Ra) in the Saitama prefecture; Nancy Singleton Hachisu, a writer and organic farmer who lives in Japan; and Chikara Ono of Oakland izakaya B-Dama. Nakatani is also here doing a four-course soba lunch at Chez Panisse on February 24.

They've dubbed the event Mottainai-kai, which translates to "every little bit," because in addition to soba they'll be doing dishes with fish heads, guts, and various vegetable skins and parts that would normally be discarded things like sun-dried daikon skins and pickled wasabi root tops.

Tickets to the Bruno's party are available here. They're $37.50, not including sake or beer, and the event will be structured like a cocktail party, without table service.

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