Anchor Brewing Announces Plans for Huge New Brewery and Restaurant on Pier 48

Rendering of the new beer garden and brewery. Photo: via CBS 5

Big beer news just as Beer Week comes to a close! Today, Anchor Brewing Co. announced that it has inked a deal to take over Pier 48, as part of the Mission Rock Development behind AT Park. The new facility will be an addition to the existing, historic Potrero Hill brewery, and will allow Anchor to increase its brewing capacity five-fold, from 120,000 to 600,000 barrels a year. "We're not just going to build a brewery here," said CEO Keith Greggor during today's press conference. "We're going to build a destination in San Francisco that people from around the world are going to want to come and see, as well as locals too." The project is a ways off, however, with construction beginning in 2014 and an opening not likely until 2016. The hometown brewery, as you may know, already has Anchor Plaza & Taproom inside the ballpark, but the new facility will contain a restaurant, a huge beer garden, and a museum in addition to brewing facilities, and will create 200 new jobs. [CBS via Chron]