Oh, Right. It’s Almost Dine About Town Time

Only time you'll ever get in and out of Spruce for under $40.

It's January, a historically slow month for restaurants, and that means it's once again time for Dine About Town, the semi-annual promotion organized by the San Francisco Travel Association. The deal this year, January 15 to 31, is $18.95 for a two- or three-course lunch, or $36.95 for a three-course dinner, exclusive of beverages, tax, and gratuity — and to be honest, this doesn't always add up to terrific savings! But, especially if you're on a no-booze cleanse, it can be a deal at a place like Spruce. Here's the full list of participating restaurants, and Zagat has provided a nice interactive Google map now that they're a Google enterprise. Also, Oakland does its own thing starting January 18 called Restaurant Week, with prix fixe dinners for $30 even, and you should consider that a good excuse to explore the booming food scene over there. [Zagat]