Hear the Inspiring Story of S.F.-Based Malaysian Street Food Vendor Azalina Eusope

Azalina buying wholesale spices at the S.F. Herb Co.

Whole Foods' one-year-old online magazine Dark Rye just made a pretty little video profiling Azalina Eusope, the Malaysian-born street-food vendor behind the San Francisco business Azalina's. Eusope is actually a fifth-generation street vendor, and she comes from a tribal area of Penang where the caste system still dictates what your occupation can be. Though she grew up around cooking and street food, she yearned to become a doctor, and only later, after meeting her husband and moving to San Francisco, did she pick up cooking again as a way to cure her homesickness. She now says of the success of her business, with her jarred sauces now sold at Whole Foods and a regular presence at Off the Grid, "It's just beyond words how happy I am."

Azalina [Dark Rye]