Sietsema Mocks Schmendricks Bagels; Pop-Up Takes a Hiatus

A Schmendricks bagel

Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema may love S.F. food, as he said following a recent trip here, but he has no time for the "pretentious and expensive bagels" being served by Schmendricks to an authentic-NY-bagel-starved audience here paying three dollars a pop. He's laughing mostly at the no-toast rule and a statement on the Schmendricks site that suggests "even an everything bagel pushes the limits of authenticity." Most native New Yorkers know that this isn't true, but as for the actual bagel quality? Sietsema's correspondent says they're boiled too long, "Outside is way too tough. Bagel is tiny. It's also a bit yeasty tasting. [And] Very hard to chew through." Meanwhile, Schmendricks won't be popping up for a while as they announce a hiatus to "figure out our next steps." [Village Voice]