Tacolicious Expanding With Mexican Rotisserie Chicken Joint in Noe Valley

It's one of our favorite Prince songs...

The Tacolicious team of Joe Hargrave and chef Telmo Faria are working on yet another restaurant, in addition to their planned Tacolicious location in Palo Alto. As the Scoop is reporting, they're taking over the Noe Valley location of Hahn's Hibachi (1305 Castro Street) across from Contigo, where they're going to open a Mexican-inspired rotisserie chicken concept called MF Chicken. Hargrave was inspired both by the lack of good takeout meal options he can find for his family in the 'hood, and by the restaurants El Charro in Ensenada, and the original, healthier 1980s incarnation of El Pollo Loco, both of which he grew up with. Whole or half birds will be sold with fresh salsas, sides, and La Palma tortillas. Opening date is TBA, but may be within a couple months. As for the name, they're being a little cagey about the inspiration and leaving it open to interpretation. "Sexy MF," anyone? A more profane version of Goood Frikin Chicken? [Scoop]