Food Trucks May Soon Inch Closer to Schools

Scott Wiener

Earlier this year we heard about Supervisor Scott Wiener's plans to reduce the buffer zone that food trucks have to keep between themselves and schools from three blocks, or 1,500 feet, to one block, or 500 feet. (The law as it is forces a lot of trucks to gather in specific areas, like the Mission.) At yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting, Wiener proposed legislation that would do just that in the case of middle schools, while maintaining 750 to 1,000 foot distances from high schools, and 50 feet from any existing brick-and-mortar restaurants. Wiener calls this a "balanced approach," though it is likely that restaurant owners, especially in the Financial District, are still going to object. The proposed law, which has yet to be approved, would also allow trucks on college campuses and around hospitals in residential districts. [SF Business Times, Earlier]