Sonoma Wants to Disown Hometown Boy Guy Fieri Too

Don't hate on the prodigal son!

Today's top food story, obviously, has been Pete Wells's hilarious takedown of Guy Fieri's vulgar, new, 500-seat Times Square restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar. Now, since Fieri has a couple of restaurants up north and hails from Santa Rosa, himself, Sonoma food blog BiteClub Eats gets in on the game. They admit that, even if it is "so Wine Country of us" to be snooty about such things, they haven't even set foot in a Johnny Garlic's or Tex Wasabi's. And "we gnash our teeth that his food is connected in any way with Sonoma County, home of fresh, local, sustainable food." Also, as diplomatic as they try to be about it, they're bitter that he refuses to talk to any local media, "wall[s] himself into his home compound and surrounding himself with fellas who weigh 350 pounds and wear jackets that say Kulinary Krew," and generally "hasn’t always remembered the little people who got him where he is." Let's not forget he's the only person in the county with a yellow truck that looks like this. [BiteClub, Earlier]