Mission Tea House Om Shan Tea Closes as Owner Gets Convicted on Drug Charges

Cook showing off his stunt tea-pouring skills at Om Shan.

Om Shan Tea owner Oshan Cook, 35, was found guilty Thursday in a federal court on several charges stemming from a 2010 sting operation by the DEA. Cook was found in possession of large quantities of LSD and MDMA (ecstasy) with the intent to distribute it, and he faces a possible sentence of anywhere from ten years to life in prison. Some friends launched a fundraising campaign to try to offset Cook's legal costs, however it failed to reach its funding goal in time, and the financial strain forced Om Shan Tea to close last week. A big believer in the healing power of tea, Cook says he opened Om Shan to "[provide] people with an alternative to drug and alcohol abuse," but it does appear that he had a sideline selling psychedelics, too. [Appeal, HuffPo]