Chef Lizzie Binder Takes Hiatus From Bar Bambino

Lizzie Binder

Chef Lizzie Binder, who's been on board since the beginning at Bar Bambino, is on a rather lengthy vacation from the restaurant which owner Christopher Losa is characterizing as "a temporary hiatus" of about three months. And though he's saying she's not departing completely, she will be assuming a "reduced" role when she returns, though she will retain the title of executive chef. In her place, as the Scoop reports, Losa has made Ben Robert and Tony Florian co-chefs, with Robert having been at the restaurant for three years, and Florian coming over from Cotogna. The focus of the Bar Bambino menu will remain as it has for the last year and a half on the northeast corner of Italy, specifically the regions of Friuli and Tyrol, where there's a distinct Central European influence on the cuisine left over from the Hapsburg Empire. But the new co-chefs will be changing the menu more frequently. [Scoop, Earlier] Update: Eater is floating the rumor that Binder might be shooting the next season of Top Chef. Of course it will be a while before that can be confirmed.