Still Trending: Bottled and Carbonated Cocktails

One of the carbonated, bottled gin and tonics at the Starlight Room.

We mentioned back in May that a wave bottled and/or carbonated cocktails was sweeping the Bay Area, and that trend has continued with Chez Papa, Spoonbar, Harry Denton's Starlight Room, Jasper's Corner Tap, and Tradition all rocking Perlini carbonation systems (or similar soda siphons) and turning out fizzy drinks without the dilution that comes from soda water. Camper English penned a trend piece this week for the Chron, and finds that Spoonbar's barman Cappy Sorentino is also looking to be the first in the region to offer a carbonated drink on tap, just like a soda fountain: a carbonated Cuba Libre. [Chron]