Meet Abby Farle, the New Facebook User Who Is Suspiciously Supportive of Chick-fil-A

Big into social media.

So, late last night, a screenshot popped up on Reddit that alleged to show pro-Chick-fil-A comments from a user named Abby Farle, an account that was set up eight hours earlier and which used a stock image of a teenager as its avatar. There's no account with that name now (aside from this obviously fake account, set up to capitalize on the controversy), so it's either been deleted, or the screenshot was fabricated. Did Chick-fil-A set up the account to help bolster public support? Some people think yes, the company itself says no. Either way, this isn't a great development for the beleagured chicken chain: They've either been caught dealing in some very shady social-media tactics, or a third party has gone rogue and is trying to make the chain look worse than it already does. Being seen as anti-gay and anti-Muppet can't possibly be good for business. It did spawn a fun meme generator, though. [Happy Place via Gizmodo, Earlier, Related]