Lime Says Goodbye With One Last Sloppy Brunch

This is actually a vintage shot from Lime's Facebook of a bartender preparing a pitcher of mimosas, and missing the pitcher.

Judging from the various reactions we saw to last week's news that Lime was closing for good, this was the kind of place that had really vocal love and hate camps. For all the folks who echo one of Grub Street's Facebook friend's sentiments, the bar and its boozy brunch that often spilled onto the sidewalk will not be missed. To wit: "This could be replaced by a needle exchange for all I care. Goodbye Lime, and don't let the door hit your mimosa-binging ass on the way out."

But for those who spent the last few years of weekends dropping in on this day-drinking fest to throw back some cheap mimosas and bump to some top-forty hits, yesterday's farewell was a far sadder thing. Take a moment to feel their pain, and see a few documentary shots of the scene, via some DJs at the event, here and here. Also, this is a particularly special shot showing how things wound up by late afternoon.

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