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Silks Closes Next Week; Brasserie S&P Will Replace It [Updated]

As we heard late last year, long-lived Asian-fusion bastion Silks at the Mandarin Oriental is closing and getting replaced as the hotel is getting a major overhaul. Today the Scoop brings word of the closing date (May 12), and a few details about the restaurant's non-Asian replacement: Brasserie S&P. Chef Adam Mali, most recently of MarketBar and Nick's Cove, will be taking the exec role, and it's going to be a California-centric brasserie, with a bar program centered around some special gin and tonics, from bar manager Priscilla Young. More details to come. [Scoop] Update: The name derives from the location, at Sansome & Pine, and it looks like it will open shortly after Silks closes, mid-month. [Chron]

Oakland Occupy Protests Target Small, Local Businesses

Rudy's occupies a previously vacant space in the ground floor of the Fox.Photo: Oakland Scene

Much as they did, more destructively, Monday night in the Mission, Occupy-affiliated, anti-gentrification protesters made some noise during yesterday's May Day protests outside some small Oakland restaurants perceived as part of unwanted gentrification. Protesters gathered Tuesday morning outside Rudy's Can't Fail Café at the Fox Theater, and as Oakland Local observed, "Marchers seemed to drift around aimlessly, full of anger toward the system, but unsure where to direct it at."

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CA Legislature Says It Has ‘Higher Priorities’ Than Foie Gras

The coalition of 100 California chefs that submitted that petition this week to overturn the impending prohibition of foie gras is likely going to have a rough, if not impossible time getting emergency legislation passed before July. CA Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said today that he would "not allow the issue to preoccupy the Legislature," saying that they have higher priorities, like Governor Brown's revised budget. Will Wolfgang Puck end up being on the right side of this issue (albeit hypocritically) after all is said and done? And seriously, Steinberg, what could be more important than our right to consume foie gras? [AP/SFGate]

Trigger Looks to Be Closing in the Castro; Lime May Be In Trouble Too

The Castro bar empire of Greg Bronstein is still endangered as Grub Street discovers today that Trigger (2344 Market Street) looks to be closing within weeks or months. In early March, Bronstein had two liquor licenses briefly suspended over unpaid taxes, at both Trigger and nearby Lime (2247 Market Street), which got rectified and both bars reopened quickly after only a day or two of being closed. But rumors of Bronstein's financial troubles have abounded over the years, and now we find him selling the license for Trigger altogether, which would mean that a closure is not far away.

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New Sandwich Shop, V-105, Opens on McCoppin

V-105's beef cheek sandwich, with an asparagus salad.

A new sandwich destination from a former Garibaldi's guy just opened in the Valencia Bottoms locale that was formerly home to Jackie’s Vinoteca at 105 Valencia (at McCoppin). The Scoop reports that they've already been open, under the radar, for two weeks, and chef Daniel Martes — a former partner in the S.F. branch of Garibaldi's — is serving up some fancy sandwich fillings like beef cheeks and Moroccan lamb, all priced between eight and eleven dollars. [Scoop]

V-105 - 105 Valencia Street - 415-525-3799

Is Wolfgang Puck a Foie Hypocrite? Or Just a Bad Gambler?

Puck with the "3-D" dessert he served at the Oscars Governors' Ball this year.Photo: Lesley Balla/Grub Street LA

OG celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck may have made the wrong bet when he came out staunchly against foie gras this year, now that 100 of his most esteemed California colleagues have signed a petition to overturn the upcoming ban. Puck, who's set to receive a lifetime achievement honor at the James Beard Awards next week, was exposed yesterday in Food Arts for still buying and selling plenty of foie gras, despite the righteous letter he mailed out to his fellow chefs and restaurateurs in February discussing his support of the ban — and which all of them clearly laughed at and tossed into the compost with the kitchen scraps.

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Teen Who Stole Fieri’s Lambo Identified

The seventeen-year-old cat burglar and ne'er-do-well who stole Guy Fieri's $200,000 Lamborghini last year and hid it in a Richmond storage facility has been identified as Max Wade of San Rafael. Wade is being held on two million dollars bail right now on seven felony charges including burglary, grand theft auto, possession of a stolen vehicle, and the big one (which could carry two sentences of fifteen years to life): attempted murder. Marin County authorities had been tracking Wade following an April 13 incident in which he, dressed in black with a black helmet on a black motorcycle, allegedly fired a gun at two people he obviously knew who were sitting in a parked vehicle in Mill Valley.

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Confirmed: Yigit Pura’s Pastry Shop, Tout Sweet, Will Be Inside Macy’s

Pura in ParisPhoto: Frankie Frankeny via Twitter

The rumor got floated a month or so back, and now it's confirmed: Yigit Pura's much anticipated solo pastry venture, Tout Sweet, is going to be on the third floor of Macy's in Union Square. The news is buried in a new piece in 7x7's Travel Issue, teased out last month, by new executive editor Chloé Harris Frankeny. She went along with Yigit (enviably) on a pastry tour of Paris, and she writes of "the ecstatic flutter of his chestnut eyelashes and the pursing of his full Turkish lips" as he bites into a St. Honoré cake on the Paris metro, and of their trip to La Patisserie des Rêves in the seventh, which Pura says will inspire the look of his S.F. shop. Also, there were many, many macarons, and the dude still doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. Must be nice. [7x7, Earlier]

Michael Bauer Ate a 33-Course Banquet By an Acclaimed Chinese Chef, and You Didn’t

The introductory course of plated vegetables.

On Sunday, Michael Bauer was one of 24 invited guests at a fancy manse in Tiburon where acclaimed young Chinese chef Yo Bo (whom Cecilia Chiang called China's Corey Lee) cooked a lavish 33-course banquet on dishware he brought over from China himself. Bauer says the night was "one of those events that blossoms on reflection, and an experience that will stay fresh in my mind for years." Then he shares with us his iPhone documentation of the entire thing, just to make us all sadder we weren't there. [Between Meals/Scoop]

José Andrés Named Dean of Spanish Studies at International Culinary Center

More time in New York, huh.

Congratulations to the unstoppable José Andrés, who has been named dean of Spanish studies at the International Culinary Center. Along with Colman Andrews, Andrés will "develop a curriculum that can begin to foster new apostles in the art, history, and future of Spanish cuisine." Anddd it's another reason for him to hang out in New York building tapas restaurants and minibars and stuff over the next two years.


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