Farm:Table Crowd-Sources Funds for a Parklet

Farm:Table owner Shannon Amitin demonstrating where the parklet will go.

Denizens of the Tenderloin and TenderNob, especially those who like good coffee and gourmet breakfast, have been having a love affair with tiny neighborhood café Farm:Table (754 Post Street) since it opened a couple years back. At one point it was even the most popular S.F. restaurant on Yelp. Now, Farm:Table is asking its fans to give back a little, even just a five-spot if they can spare it, to help fund a highly designed little parklet.

As one of the landscape architects describes it, this parklet is meant to be "a landscape," as opposed to just offering extra café seating. "Each clearing is an isolated pocket that's an immersive experience." Right.

Anyway, check out their Kickstarter video below, and throw them a buck or two if you're a regular.

Help Us Build This Parklet! [Kickstarter]