Box Wine Over Beer for the Super Bowl?; Hitler Wines Approved for Sale in Austria

"Who's up for a Cabernet keg stand!" Photo: iStockphoto

Beer might be the Super Bowl drink of choice in most of the country, but at least some retailers are trying to push box wine, too. [Detroit News, Bloomberg]

Zinfandel, a quintessentially Californian wine varietal that's fallen out of favor among wine snobs over the last few years, can be found in "styles [that] range from the sublime to the ridiculous," as evidenced at last weekend's ZAP Festival in San Francisco. [HuffPo]

A cache of mature Bordeaux wines from an anonymous European collector, with vintages between 1953 and 1995, just sold at a London auction for $2.5 million. These prices are said by Sotheby's to "breathe fire" into a flattening market for prestige wine. [Business Week]

Wente Vineyards, in Livermore, California, claims to have been the first American vineyard to grow Chardonnay exactly 100 years ago. [Reuters]

An Austrian man has been let off the hook following an investigation into wine bottles he was marketing online that featured a portrait of Adolph Hitler and a swastika on the label. Authorities were unable to prove that he had broken a law. [CBS]

Luxury Champagne brands, which so far have poo-pooed digital marketing, will need to rethink their strategy if they want to compete in the future. [Harpers]

Over at the Times, Eric Asimov and co. just tasted twenty bottles from the "fascinating, rapidly evolving region" of Douro in Portugal. [NYT]