Animal Rights Activists Protest Backyard Slaughter in East Bay; Do Women Actually Like Chocolate More Than Men?

An East Bay activist group has been getting very upset about city policies allowing backyard animal slaughter. Oakland urban homesteader Novella Carpenter thinks they should be protesting at industrial farms instead. [SFoodie, Earlier]

Last week, Trader Joe's finally signed the Fair Food Agreement, agreeing to pay a penny more per pound of tomatoes picked in Florida, which amounts to about a fifty-percent raise for tomato pickers there. [HuffPo]

Pro surfer Kelly Slater talks about his morning food routine, which generally includes fruit and a vegan smoothie. Also, he has a lot of thoughts about mixing certain foods in the stomach. And this will make you feel bad about your eating habits. [Bon App]

Despite the slew of chocolate-monikered romance novels and whatnot, there's no scientific reason for women to like chocolate more than men chalk it up to marketing. [Slate]

College-student groups including Ban the Bottle are battling it out with the International Bottled Water Association over the vending of bottles on campus; opposed students claim bottled water is not ecofriendly. [The Salt/NPR]

Overeating is particularly bad for old folks, since consuming more than 2,100 calories a day is shown to speed up cognitive impairment. Better get Gramps off the cookies. [Fox News]