Two Tenderloin Markets Sued By City; Mitt Romney Gets McDonald’s in Florida

The City of San Francisco is suing two neighborhood markets in the Tenderloin for aiding in the fencing of stolen goods and hosting drug transactions. [SFist]

A Twitter meme took off yesterday among chefs using the hashtag #kitchenpetpeeves. You'd better believe Hapa Ramen's Richie Nakano (@linecook) ran with this one. [SFoodie]

Check out this rather impressive cocktail chart poster, detailing ingredients and glassware in a kind of color-wheel format, for like a hundred different drinks. [Alcademics]

Pepsi is going to be spending $500 million in new marketing efforts to catch up to Coca-Cola. But c'mon. Will they ever ... really? This has been going on for a century. [Crains]

Wealthy Mitt Romney is just like everyone else, and he proved it by eating at McDonald's. [Note/ABC News]

Last year's drought has beef supplies down and prices up. [USAT]

But don't think you can just switch to lamb sheep farmers are having trouble keeping up with demand. [Salt/NPR]

TV producers are attempting to heal the longstanding Pakistan-India rift with a reality cooking show called Foodistan unfortunately, it's not really working. [AP via HuffPo]