Bar Star Kevin Diedrich Eats Mad Thanksgiving Leftovers, and Goes to the Gym a Lot

Mr. Diedrich

Jasper's Corner Tap bar manager Kevin Diedrich, who won some critical praise earlier this year for his work at the Burritt Room (his previous employer) by being named one of the Chron's Bar Stars for 2011, is a man who knows his booze. This week, he does Grub Street a solid by submitting his San Francisco Diet for your reading enjoyment. In addition to keeping the late-night hours of your average bartender, Diedrich gets up basically every day and heads to the gym for a multi-hour workout, and he admits he's kind of a "delicate flower" when it comes to spicy food. Also, he describes his Thanksgiving meal, and its aftermath, in great detail.

Tuesday, November 22
Tuesday's are typically one of my longer days since I get my liquor/beer orders in on Mondays for Tuesday deliveries, which means I have to put away a lot of product before I work my shift behind the bar. For the most part I skip breakfast because I work out in the morning and my workouts are pretty intense so I try avoid throwing up at the gym (has happened a few times).

I woke up a little later than usual this morning due to Arlene (wifey) going into work a bit later than normal. I drink my energy/workout drink supplement, eat my daily fiber and omega 3 gummy goodness (Arlene has bought me fiber and omega 3 supplements in the form of gummy bears and sour patch kids. She's thinks it the only way that I'll take them....and she's right.) Then it's off to the gym for an hour or so.

After the gym I grab a protein shake and head back to the apartment to finish some more emails, walk the dog, go through some paperwork, and do some cocktail research.

On the way out the door I grab a bag of peanut butter flavor granola for snacking later. Head into work around noon, but immediately have to do an “emergency” Economy Restaurant Supply run for some bar mat fasteners and extra syrup bottles for the broken one that Brian Mac "breaks a lot" Gregor (a.k.a. my barmate spouse) broke over the weekend. I'm starving at this point, so luckily Economy serves popcorn and jelly beans. I serve myself a good size of popcorn and a pocket full of jelly beans.

I do a bunch of running around, training a new barback, etc. 4:30 comes quick, which usually means Family Meal. Today it's chicken, salad and broccoli. I eat one piece of chicken and a mini salad. I don't like to eat much before shift, makes me feel sluggish.

Grind through a super slow shift, and get out of there around one-ish, call Arlene on the way home to see if there's food at home. Sometimes she'll cook and leave me some food, but her eating habits are just as bad as mine ... which means her dinner was snacks. I'm pretty hungry and this point, so I swing by Bush Market to figure out what late night microwave food I should eat. I choose pizza bites, spinach and artichoke chips and coconut water. After the market I swing by Cantina for a quick beer. Catch up with Duggan and run into a few industry folks. I order a 21st Amendent IPA and a Noah's Mill. Pretty much shoot both and out the door in less than a minute.

Home finally at around 2 a.m. Cook my pizza bites, eat my chips and wind down quickly with Arlene. She's in zombie mode so she heads back to bed. I wind down by finishing some later emails and watching what ever is on the TV. Bed by 3 a.m.

Wednesday, November 23

The walls are very thin in my apartment, so I wake at six-ish to the sounds of our neighbors having loud intimate situations. Arlene is up shortly and getting ready for work. I start my morning routine, check emails, etc. After a few emails I get my energy/supplement drink ready and take my daily dose of fiber/omega 3 gummy goodness. I ice down my shoulder, take some advil for the pain and finish half of my email and head to gym early.

After a few hours at the gym I head over to Cask to pick up some bar spoons for the bar. On the way there I pick up some coconut water from Walgreens. Then I go home to grab our dog Kona and take her out for a 20 minute walk since she's super hyper. Kona does her thing ... eating random things off the street and lots of grass. Back home around noon, shower, eat a banana and some granola, and into work.

While rotating kegs at work, I snack on some more granola, the Family Meal comes: it's taco Wednesday. The options are salad greens with almonds, raisins, feta cheese and balsamic vinigrette; ground meat, tortillas, chips, salsa and rice. Chef usually makes the salsa and meat spicy, so I opt for a small portion of salad. My delicate-flowerness can't handle spiciness.

Service starts, slow as expected being the day before Thanksgiving. The bar finally picks up. I'm starting to crash, so I grab some coffee to keep me going till close. I order a side of lentils for myself, and eat them entirely too quickly, burning my tongue. I blow on them to cool the lentils quicker and end up successfully blowing them all over the counter.

I finish up one of our slowest nights since opening, by trying some sample beers a vendor left me. Popped open the Anderson Valley IPA and the Belgium Brewing Snow Day seasonal beer. The IPA is not as bitter as I expected. I check in with the closing staff and head out. I run into friends Enrique and Tessa who just got off as well, they're heading to Rye for a beer so I popped in since it's on the way home to have a holiday beer and shot with them. I run into Marco Dionysos and we all catch up quickly. My drink of choice tonight is a beer and shot. Beer ordered: Tecate followed by a Racer 5 IPA and a shot of Templeton Rye. I thank the always hospitable ladies of Rye and head home in record time. On the way home I call Arlene to let her know I'm walking home, pretty much tradition at this point. Ever since we dated I always call her on the way home from work. Wifey lets me know that there's food at home, so I quicken my pace.

The Thanksgiving Eve walk home is very colorful, police everywhere and lots of fights and colorful metaphors being yelled at. I get home and Arlene has warmed up some Thai food she had order earlier. I snack on some Pad Thai, Pad See Ew with chicken and coconut water. By now it's around 2 am. We wind the evening down together and recap our days. We head to bed, as I have to be up at 7:30am to go play in a football tournament in San Jose Thursday morning.

Thursday, November 24: Thanksgiving!

Cooked some breakfast sandwiches for Arlene and I. Eggs cooked over easy, whole wheat toast and cheddar cheese. Had some green tea with breakfast. Arlene then started on cooking Thanksgiving sides for the potluck we had planned to attend that evening. We originally had planned to cook our first turkey this year and have some friends over, but opted to go over to our friends house in Noe Valley for a big feast.

On the menu from Arlene were pop-overs with gruyère cheese inside, pumpkin cheese cake, and Brussels sprouts with caramelized onions and bacon. She made one that was vegetarian as well, since our good friend Yanni is a vegetarian. We enjoyed some Pinot Noir from Hirsch Vineyards while cooking and watching football.

After a long day of cooking and football we headed to our friend Sam's for the feast. Sam's kitchen was filled with turkey, stuffing and tons of sides! I caught up with friends over a few beers; Anchor Steam Christmas Ale and Miller High life. We all sat down for dinner a few hours later and enjoyed some Lini Lambrusco with the heritage turkey that Sam got from NoPa. Arlene and I shared a big dark-meat thigh. I piled up one plate with plenty of sides, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, meaty gravy, yams cooked with brown sugar and Kahlua, Arlene's Brussels sprouts, mixed greens with walnuts and gorgonzola, an authentic Austria beef side with apple sauce, and roasted parsnips. I had several helpings of Yanni's yams. We ended the evening with Arlene's famous pumpkin cheesecake, apple pie and Sam's homemade lavender ice cream.

Arlene and I finally made it home around 9 pm and I ended the evening with some Fernet and green tea.

Friday, November 25

Started the day a bit late since Arlene had Friday off. Had my energy/supplement drink and headed to the gym. For lunch headed to Sanraku for some sushi with Arlene on the way to work. We order some salmon nigiri, negi hama, eel and avocado, yellow tail belly, red snapper nigiri, and scallops. Washed it all down with some green tea.

Headed to work to rotate kegs and get ready for a hopefully busy day-after-Thanksgiving service.

I passed on family meal to get ready for the evening service. I got a pot of coffee for Brian and I, as part of our evening tradition together.

The evening was steady, but not as busy as expected. Arlene met up with me at work as I was getting off for the evening. She ordered a grain salad with sweet potato fries and I had a grilled cheese sandwich with pork belly. I enjoyed a Black Cross cocktail which is black tea infused Smith & Cross rum, Dubonnet rouge and Belle Brillet.

After a quick meal, Arlene, Matthew and I headed to Chambers Eat & Drink to close out the week. Matthew and I ordered Lagunitas IPA's and shots of fernet, as Arlene had a Bramble, gin, lemon and creme de mure. Conversation crossed between holiday plans and next steps for Jasper's. We ordered several more rounds of beers and shots before calling it an evening.

Saturday, November 26

Woke up hurting pretty hard after the previous evening's festivities. Had some green tea and order some greasy Chinese food in hopes to cut my hang over out. An hour later, my egg, chicken and corn soup, fried rice and Orange chicken arrived. Chowed down on the food and went back to sleep. Woke up a few hours later hungry again. Enjoyed the Chinese leftovers and rice crispy treats with some soda water and bitters.

Later in the evening we rented a movie online and ate some popcorn and called it a night.

Sunday, November 27

Started the morning with my normal energy/supplement drink, hit the gym with Arlene. After the gym, she cooked breakfast which consisted of bacon, whole wheat toast, veggie pot stickers, and falafels. We washed it all down with green tea.

Watched football pretty much all afternoon until around 5 p.m. and headed to Japantown to pick up food and snacks for the week.

Arlene cooked some ramen (Japanese style!). Thick noodles with daikon, green onions, corn, and tofu. Mmmmm, goodness. I washed that down with green tea (kind of a theme here). For dessert we had Arlene's peanut butter rice crispy treats.

Monday, November 28

Had to work the lunch shift today, so got up extra early at 6:30 am to hit the gym. Drank my energy/supplement drink and then headed to the gym. Got out around 9 a.m. to run to work, but we ended up closing lunch for the day ... score! I ended up just doing some bar side work and setup for dinner service. We had a staff training on Japanese whiskey, so that was pretty much my meal along with half a vegetarian burrito.

Headed to Cantina for a quick drink with Matthew and Arlene. Had two shots of tequila, a mezcal cocktail and an IPA. We all then headed to Matthew's place for Thanksgiving leftovers ... and boy was that intense. I ate more tonight than on actual Thanksgiving!

Matthew’s girlfriend Cindy made turkey casserole, left over stuffing, cheese and crackers, cranberry sauce, and pie. Matthew and I split a 750 of Duvel, and a sour beer. Drank some white wine and finished off with another beer. Needless to say we went home, walked the dog drunk, and went to sleep.

Tuesday, November 29

Same morning drink/gym/work. We were closed for lunch again, but Matthew and I were both there getting some work done, so we split two sandwiches. A turkey club and a Reuben. The bar was insanely busy with a cocktail crawl, so no time to eat. I ended up having cereal and milk when I got home. Washed it down with some High Life and green tea.

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