Elizabeth Falkner and Anne Burrell Are in a Twitter Fight

Anne and Elizebeth: Not BFFs.

Local chefs Elizabeth Falkner and Michael Chiarello remain in contention on The Next Iron Chef, both winning challenges in last night's episode — Falkner even managed to pull out a win when her secret ingredient was tuna jerky. But after fellow competitor and hair volumizer poster gal Anne Burrell got sent packing, she had a few snarky, real-time words to share via Twitter about Chef Falkner.

To wit:

We don't know quite what this trash-talk is that Burrell is referring to (it was fellow female competitor Alex Guarnaschelli who said Burrell's arc in this episode was "very Shakespearean" in that she "pulled out her sword, and then fell on it.") But we're proud of Falkner for taking the high road after not receiving any @ responses from Burrell. See below.

[Anne Burrell/Twitter]
[Hat tip: Brock Keeling]
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