Snoozeflash: Napa Restaurant Listicle Ignores Several Good Restaurants

Addendum, the chicken shack behind Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc.

The new Bon Appétit features a listicle of the seven "best" restaurants in Napa, according to writer Hugh Garvey. They are: Addendum, Gott's, Kitchen Door, Redd, Morimoto Napa, Oenotri, and Solbar. What, no Bouchon? No Bottega, or étoile? Or Bauer's new fave, Bar Terra? And they might be trying to avoid the ultra-high-end here, for their 99-percenter readership's sake, but no Meadowood or Laundry? Anyway, yeah, big news, we know. In related headlines, Zagat just figured out Manresa existed. Sigh. [Bon App]