Groupon Share Price Rising Fast; Dining Solo Isn’t So Lonely With a Smartphone

• After no small bit of turmoil this year, Groupon launched their IPO today, and share values have already shot up about 40%. [NY Mag, Chicagoist, Earlier]

• A roundup of kid-friendly restaurants that will be serving Thanksgiving dinner. [7x7]

• The owner of Burmese Gourmet, a new food truck, mentions that he once had a connection to Burma Superstar, and a whole cease-and-desist kerfuffle ensues. [SFoodie]

• Tony Blair was guest of honor at a fundraising dinner Wednesday night on the Peninsula, for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, and Tyler Florence and Emily Lucchetti were recruited to cook for him. [Scoop]

• Who needs a dining companion when we all have smartphones these days? [WP]

• Low-fat foods and molecular gastronomy have more in common than you'd think: the less fat in a product, the more likely it relies on methylcellulose and xanthum gum for texture. [Salt/NPR]

• If you're not Noma- and Rene Redzepi-ed out, here's a long piece about the chef from Mark Bittman. [NYTM]