Bushi-Tei Wins Best Bathroom Prize; Vegetables in Desserts Are Trending

• Over at Eater, they just handed out the prize for the city's finest restaurant toilet facilities, and the big honor goes to Japantown's Bushi-Tei. [Eater]

• The San Francisco Food Bank was one of many recipients of a new, refrigerated food-transport truck, donated by the Wal-Mart Foundation and Feeding America, as part of a nationwide donating spree. The truck will help serve 2,800 more meals per day. [Examiner]

Baker & Banker's Jeff Banker and Lori Baker talk to Brad Lev of local Inside the Actors' Studio-like chef show, Studio Gourmet. [HuffPo]

• Are you fat? Blame your dad. Or maybe or your clutter. [Sydney Morning Herald AU, Daily Mail UK]

• Some upcoming weird trends: vegetables in desserts, and something called "snow ice." [NYDN]

• Takeout Thanksgiving is looking to be the big thing this year, so start planning to eat turkey in your underwear. [NRN]