A Semi-Secret SoMa Brewery Outgrows Its Garage; Maya Angelou Has a Cookbook

• Pacific Brewing Laboratories (Pac Brew Lab), a nano-brewery operating out of a garage at 5th and Clara in SoMa, is about to expand, and tonight will be their last open tasting night at the garage. [LiveSoMa]

• Boccalone, at the Ferry Building, is now making ciauscolo (pronounced cha-USE-cool-oh), "an all-pork specialty of Italy's hilly Le Marche region." [Tasting Table]

Tacko, which was open, then not, then open again Cow Hollow, gets the Bargain Bite treatment. [Chron]

Top Chef All Stars champ Richard Blais discusses how he started running, lost a lot of weight, and is now training for the New York City marathon. [HuffPo]

• Maya Angelou has a cookbook out, and she's not sorry about it. You've simply got to try her recipe for roasted caged bird. [Guardian UK]

• New research suggests that fatty foods are as addictive as cocaine. And hey, they're cheaper and legal. [Bloomberg]

• Here's a lesson in how consumer and government fears made the world rice market go crazy a few years ago, even when there was no actual rice shortage. The takeaway: Don't hoard food. [Salt/NPR]

• Some athletes are forgoing the typical diet of bars and gels as performance food for more natural snacks like almonds or tortillas. [Chicago Tribune]