An Early Morning Peek Inside Dynamo Donuts; Are Chains Dying Because the Middle Class is Dying?

• A look at the early morning workings of Dynamo Donuts, and their new Halloween flavors. [The Feast]

• Monica Martinez of Don Bugito is all over the news this week, and now she's the subject of the cover piece in SF Weekly, which suggests that S.F. is now "a hotbed of insect cuisine." [SF Weekly, Earlier]

• The code name for Google's soon-to-be-released software for its new Galaxy Nexus Android is "Ice Cream Sandwich." So that way it just seems like they're talking about the awesome snacks in the cafeteria. [Telegraph UK]

• This week on Check, Please! they visit Tanguito Argentinian Grill and Vega in Bernal Heights. [KQED]

• First it was Yelp that was to blame for the nation's chain restaurants' steady slide into oblivion, and now Josh Ozersky posits that it's because they were "the great commissary of the American middle class," who has no money to dine out anymore. [Time via SFoodie]

• It seems the filthy cantaloupe packing plant is at the source of the listeria outbreaks. [NPR]

• Paula Deen favorite Smithfield Farms seems to have gotten slightly less evil; on a ranking of the eco-friendliness of 500 top U.S. companies, it placed at No. 417, compared to last year's 485. [MarketWatch]

• Here's how to "Chinese orange" (yes, that's a verb now) anything, from Chicken to ... whatever. [Food Republic]