What to Eat at LYFE Kitchen, Opening Its First Location October 12

LYFE's flagship, rendered.

The new healthy fast-food chain, LYFE Kitchen (that stands for Love Your Food Everyday), which we first told you about in February, is finally set to open its flagship location in Palo Alto (167 Hamilton Avenue) on October 12. Today we bring the full menu, created in part by Oprah-approved chef Art Smith, which is full of delicious sounding breakfast and lunch/dinner options — including a surprising number of vegan dishes — all of which are under 600 calories. Check it out below.

LYFE Kitchen is the brainchild of a couple of former McDonald's executives who sought help from Art Smith, who recently lost over 100 pounds himself, and consulting chef Tal Ronnen, to create the menu. In addition to the dishes being under 600 calories each, none of them has more than 1000 miligrams of sodium, and most have much less.

We can't show you prices just yet, but we imagine you can find those here as the opening approaches. (Also, that link will show you better which items are vegan and/or gluten-free.)


[ Farmer’s Market Oven-Baked Frittata ]
Whipped egg whites with your choice of 3 toppings: chopped spinach, fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh arugula, roasted onion, roasted mushrooms, roasted peppers, turkey sausage or garden breakfast sausage, goat cheese or cheddar cheese. Served with breakfast potatoes.

[ Spinach & Cheese Frittata ]
Whipped egg whites with chopped spinach and your choice of goat cheese or cheddar cheese. Served with breakfast potatoes.

[ Eggless Tofu Wrap]
Multi-grain tortilla stuffed with seasoned tofu, roasted peppers, roasted mushrooms, roasted red onions, cherry tomatoes, shredded vegan cheddar; serve w/ side fruit salad.

[ Breakfast Burrito ]
Whole wheat tortilla stuffed with black beans, red peppers, yellow onions, avocado, chipotle aioli & your choice of scrambled eggs or scrambled egg whites with salsa on the side.

[ Breakfast Sandwich ]
Turkey sausage, farm fresh organic eggs, fresh tomatoes, argula, melted cheddar cheese on a whole wheat English muffin.

[ Art’s Start ] ( w/o Yogurt)
Steel cut irish oatmeal with dried cranberries, nadjas nut crunch, Greek yogurt, & 100% real maple syrup.

[ Pancakes ]
Steel cut irish oatmeal with dried cranberries, nadjas nut crunch, Greek yogurt, & 100% real maple syrup.

[ Greek Yogurt & Fresh Fruit Parfait ]
Fresh seasonal berries, honey sweetened yogurt, nadja’s nut crunch.

Breakfast Muffins

[ Banana Nut ]
[ Bran ]
[ Blueberry ]

Breakfast Sides
[ Turkey Breakfast Sausage ]
[ Garden Breakfast Patty ]
[ Breakfast Potatoes ]
[ Seasonal Fruit Salad ]


[ Fresh Flatbread Crisps with Edamame Hummus ]
With smoky paprika.

[ Grilled Artichokes with Lemon Aioli ]


[ BBQ Chicken ]
All-natural chicken breast, sweet yellow corn, roasted onion, cilantro, agave bbq sauce, artisan cheese blend.

[ Margherita ] ( w/ daiya mozzarella)
Fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, artisan cheese blend, fresh basil, pomodoro sauce.

[ Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese ]
Oven caramelized onions, fresh herbs, aged white balsamic.

[ Half Order Any Flatbread ]

[ Seasonal Soup ]
Ask about today’s soup.

[ Sweet Corn Chowder ]
With fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh chopped herbs.

[ Baked Sweet Potato Fries ]
[ Side Salad ]
[ Roasted Brussel Sprouts ]
[ Roasted Beets ]
[ Seasonal Fresh Fruit ]
[ Roasted Potatoes ]
[ Ancient Grains ]


Add chicken breast to any salad
Add gardein chicken to any salad
Add blackened shrimp to any salad
Add salmon to any salad

[ Caesar Salad ]
Organic romaine, cherry tomatoes, english cucumbers, shaved parmesan cheese, eggless caesar dressing, whole-grain flax croutons.

[ Cherry Tomato & Watermelon Salad ]
With goat cheese, cashews, cucumber, scallion, mint, chipotle-lime vinaigrette.

[ Farmer’s Market Salad ]
Organic arugula, free range all-natural chicken breast, strawberries, red peppers, goat cheese, roasted walnuts, pickled red onions, balsamic vinaigrette.

[ Chopped Napa Cabbage Salad ]
Napa cabbage, carrot, edamame, sugar snap peas, red bell pepper, english cucumber, cashews, mint, basil, scallion, ginger-sesame dressing.

[ Chipotle Orange & Chayote Salad ]
Napa cabbage, carrot, edamime, red bell pepper, english cucumber, cherry tomato, broccolini, dried cranberries, cashews, mint, basil, scallion, lime, ginger-sesame dressing.

[ Ancient Grains Salad ]
Organic field greens, whole grain farro, roasted fennel, dried cranberries, oranges, red onion, parsley, maple-sherry vinaigrette.


[ Classic LYFE Burger ] ( w/ gardein beef patty & soy cheese)
Classic LYFE burger 100% ground beef, organic romaine, tomato, red onion, agave pickles, agave ketchup with cheese - cheddar, swiss, or goat cheese.

[ Avo Fish Taco ]
Grilled mahi, chayote slaw, avocado chipotle aioli, cilantro, chipotle-lime vinaigrette, on warm yellow corn tortillas.

[ Jerk Chicken & Grilled Pineapple Sandwich - w/ Garden Chicken Patty ] ( w/ garden chicken patty)
With grilled pineapple, pickled red onion, avocado and fresh mint on our freshly baked multi-grain hoagie.

[ Crispy Garden Chicken Sandwich ]
Napa cabbage slaw, fresh tomatoes, agave pickles and garlic aioli on a multi-grain hoagie.

[ Grilled Vegetable Sandwich ] ( w/ daiya mozzarella)
With english cucumber, tomato, onion, edamame hummus, yogurt sauce and melted mozzarella on signature multigrain hoagie bread.

Main Dishes

[ Tal’s Ancient Grains Teriyaki Gardein Bowl ]
Stir-fried gardein beef tips and vegetables over whole grain farro & quinoa with sweet chile-ginger sauce.

[ Art’s Unfried Chicken ]
With agave bbq sauce, roasted kabocha squash, brussel sprouts, dried cranberries, & Dijon vinaigrette.

[ Eggplant Parmesan ]
Low-carb penne pasta with roasted mushrooms, spinach, scallions, and creamless sherry sauce (made from cashew cream), served with bruleed lemon.

[ Grilled Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pasta ] ( w/Grilled Garden Chicken)
Low-carb penne pasta with roasted mushrooms, spinach, scallions, and creamless sherry sauce (made from cashew cream), served with bruleed lemon.

[ Grilled Salmon ]
With roasted beets, fennel, grilled onions, ancient grains and maple-sherry vinaigrette.

[ Shrimp Risotto ]
Seasoned grilled shrimp over risotto style steel-cut oats, cooked with baby carrots, sugar snap peas, parmesan cheese, garlic and chives.

A kid’s LYFE
[ Kids Pancake ]
[ Kids Tomato-Mozzarelle Flatbread Pizza ]
[ Kids Chicken Parmesan ]
[ Kids Almond Butter & Banana Roll-Up ]

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