Off the Grid Is Headed to Marin; ‘Schweddy Balls’ Ice Cream Is Headed to Your Freezer

Off the Grid is headed to an unnamed location in Marin by October. [Feast]

Much like Alice Waters's Edible Schoolyard, an organization called Urban Sprouts provides garden-based education for four S.F. public schools. [Mission Local]

Check out a beginner's guide to the home-brewing of beer, complete with some local home-brew resources. [NBC]

That rumored "Schweddy Balls" Ben & Jerry's flavor is now confirmed, so go watch some vintage SNL to celebrate. [NYDN]

Yesterday we told you about hybrid fruits, and now it seems that rare breeds of apples are also quite fashionable. That's it, we're quitting this gig to go grow fruit. [AP via HuffPo]

Speaking of the fruit, Apple Computer's lawyers are pissed that a Chinese tech company has a logo they claim is too similar to their own. Wait, they're cracking down on this over those fake Apple stores? [GMA News]

Burgers over Baghdad? Smashburger has announced it will be the latest burger chain to hit the Middle East. [NRN]

Spud crusader: One Maine Republican senator is claiming the potato has been "unfairly singled out" in the government's quest to improve school nutrition. [NPR]

More food-safety drama for China: This time 300 schoolchildren have been sickened by unsafe food. [AP]