Teen Sues San Jose McDonald’s Because He Was Stabbed There; The Twenty Most Michelin-Starred Cities

A San Jose teenager and his mother are suing the owners of a McDonald's where the teen was stabbed multiple times after a nearby weekly music event, claiming the restaurant failed to have adequate security and that their parking lot was a magnet for criminal activity. [Tribune]

Oakland has become quote the hub of third-wave coffee, and there are now eleven coffee shops in one three-block stretch of College Avenue. Over-caffeinated much? [Oakland North]

In this week's 'Bouncer' column, writer Katy St. Clair decides that dive bar Glen Park Station would be better if it had more psychopaths. Wait, what? [SF Weekly]

The alien-piloting-a-bagel-spacecraft icon that used to hang outside Katz's Bagels on 16th Street has been discovered languishing in the back of a 16th Street garage. Sad. [Tenderloin Geographic Society]

Behold the twenty most Michelin-starred cities in the world. Guess how many are in Japan? [HuffPo]

If you require constant nagging to accomplish any goal, sign up for Self magazine's Tapper diet plan, which sends you five texts a day instructing things like, "Eat a high-protein breakfast." [Mashable via Self]

We know it's been weighing on you: Here a rundown on the best things to eat at Disneyland. [NYDN]

Lobster-flavored ice cream is now a thing. [NYDN]