Plea Entered in Sweet Jimmie’s Shooting; How the A&P Changed Our Lives

Sweet Jimmie's

22-year-old Clem Thompkins of Richmond has plead not guilty to the April murders of two men outside Sweet Jimmie's restaurant in Oakland. The restaurant remains closed. [Tribune, Earlier]

They have no water down in Pescadero, which means downtown businesses like century-old Duarte's Tavern are sending customers out to the street to pee. [ABC, CBS]

A look at the new bar Make Westing near the Fox in Oakland, where the cocktail menu aims for "a smattering of esotericism, mixed with accessibility." [EBX]

We take big-box American supermarkets for granted these days, but it all started with the A, which was the first chain to put everything a shopper needed under one roof. [NPR]

Your eating at your desk might be bothering your co-workers particularly if you're lunching on sardine sandwiches, rude-o. [WSJ]

The popularity of "new Nordic" cuisine, with its hay and pine needles, is surprising to some but undeniable. [NYT]

If you're confused over how much to actually worry about bacteria in food, Harold McGee breaks it down. [NYT]