Michael Mina Among Most Expensive Restaurants; Biden Eats Pig-Intestine Soup

Michael Mina and the French Laundry are among the most expensive restaurants in the U.S., according to an unscientific survey. [Bundle via Eater]

• For the second time in ten years, Ralph's and several other Southern California grocery chains are facing the possibility of a major worker strike in the next few days. [HuffPo]

• As part of his ongoing series on game-changing S.F. restaurants, Michael Bauer pens an ode to Coi. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• An escaped brown dairy cow in Germany, perhaps tired of being milked, is capturing the hearts of millions as she eludes capture and hides in the forests of Bavaria. [Chron]

• After Vice-President Joe Biden lunched at a restaurant in Beijing that specializes in pig-intestine soup, diners are reportedly flocking there. So that's what it takes. [AFP]

• Along with that $20,000 cake, guests at Kim Kardashian's wedding tucked into a Wolfgang Puck-cooked meal of heirloom-tomato Caprese, handmade agnolotti with sweet corn and truffles, and roast chicken. [Styleite]

• A restaurant in Germany accidentally turned away the king and queen of Sweden after the owner failed to recognize them "without crowns and sceptres." [Breitbart]

• Because of severe weather, the U.S. corn harvest is smaller than usual this year, and that's likely to drive up retail food prices. [USAT]