California May Be First State to Ban Styrofoam Takeout Containers; Iowa’s Eggs Are Still Bad

• California may follow in S.F.'s greener footsteps and ban styrofoam takeout containers. Also, Berkeley did this 20 years ago, you guys. [AP via SFoodie]

Taco's Sandwiches on 6th Street: Not a punctuation error. It's owned by a dude named Taco. [Between the Bread]

• Michael Bauer is now doing a "five places to dine this week" column. Now we know that he still really likes Matterhorn. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• It's another Free Meatball Monday at Bender's in the Mission. You get a meatball with every purchase. "Keep in mind the meatballs will vary in taste and size from week to week." [Broke-Ass Stuart]

• New inspections find that Iowa's egg farms are still not protecting adequately against salmonella, even after all those people got sick last year. [Your Life/USAT, Earlier]

• Something called the "Portfolio Diet" that involves eating lots of soybeans, nuts, and "sticky fiber" may be effective in lowering cholesterol. [NYDN]

• Introducing cigar-flavored beer, which is aged in Spanish cedar for that smoky taste. [USAT]

• Easy to get a table at M. Wells, hard to find a restaurant open in downtown Brooklyn, and more tweets from NYC food notables during Hurricane Irene. [Eater NY]