Attempted Murder Charges Dropped In Haight Street Market Incident; FDA Still Hammering Out What ‘Gluten-Free’ Means

• Sam Kazzouh, the Haight Street market owner who was charged with the attempted murder of one of his patrons after an argument that stemmed from his having kicked said patron's chubby chihuahua, will no longer be tried for attempted murder, but a judge has ruled that he will be tried for assault and firearm charges. [SF Appeal, Earlier]

• Urban farming is all well and good, but do you have any idea what kind of gross contaminants get into urban soil over the years? You don't want to be eating most of that stuff. [East Bay Express]

• Rawsome Foods in L.A. was raided for selling raw milk and three people were arrested. Good to know authorities are concentrating on the real dangers out there. [Grub Street LA, E.D. Cain/Forbes]

• Some restaurant operators are just now discovering that music is an important part of the dining experience. Congrats, guys. [NRN]

• Seven years after being ordered by Congress to find a standard for "gluten-free" labeling, the FDA might be getting close. [ABC News]

• Kraft is splitting into two entities: snacks like Oreos, and "groceries" such as Kraft cheese and Maxwell House coffee. [USAT]

• Budweiser unveiled a "bolder, sleeker" can, in the hopes of boosting flagging U.S. sales. [USAT]