A Farewell Look at a Signature Menu at the Ritz; Whole Foods Launches Wellness Clubs

• A look at chef Ron Siegel's famed Salt and Pepper Tasting Menu at the Dining Room at the Ritz, as the restaurant prepares to close. [Feast, Earlier]

• In case you hadn't heard, that new Fresh & Easy in the Bayview is the first grocery store to open in that neighborhood in two decades. Also, they open today, and they're giving away free food. [Examiner, Chron]

• As part of his ongoing series, Bauer pays tribute to Delfina. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• Whole Foods will test some new Wellness Clubs, where shoppers willing to pay $740 for the first year will get nutritional evaluations and discounts on foods deemed extra healthy. [USAT]

• Something to ponder before you eat that next cookie: Obesity costs some states $15 billion annually, mainly in the form of medical care. [Fox News]

• As fear of another recession looms, Europeans have been cutting back on food spending. [Reuters]