Sommelier/Picasso Theft Suspect Pleads Not Guilty; Brain Freeze Explained

• Mark Lugo, that NYC sommelier who's accused of (and seemingly caught on camera) stealing a Picasso sketch from an S.F. gallery worth $200,000, just plead not guilty, and his lawyer wants his $5 million bail reduced. [AP/Tribune]

• The Four Loko backlash continues... the California Assembly voted 43-24 yesterday to ban the sale of beer laced with caffeine. [Chron]

• A pictorial visit to Ikaros, a newish Greek restaurant on Grand Avenue in Oakland. [Foodhoe]

• At long last, the scientific explanation behind brain freeze. [Food Republic]

• Starbucks has rolled out some kind-of-okay-looking low-calorie meals called "Bistro Boxes." There's a sesame noodles box and a chicken wrap box. [USAT]

• The running of the bulls in Pamplona is a big culinary event for some, who enjoy paella made with "love." [Reuters]

• "If Bolla Soave wasn’t on the wine list, Frank [Sinatra] wasn’t sitting at the table. Ol' Blue Eyes also liked his Jack Daniels. [On Wine/WSJ]

• "At least five, and possibly six, of the eight species of tuna are at risk of extinction, largely because of overfishing." The good news is some of these species are quite resilient. [HuffPo]