Updated: Dominique Crenn Featured in BBC Pilot No Kitchen Required

On location in Hawai'i, here's chef-producer Michael Psilakis, Dominique Crenn, Madison Cowan, and Kayne Raymond.

The always photogenic chef Dominique Crenn is going to be a featured chef in a new chef-competition show being produced by BBC America called No Kitchen Required. Basically the show drops four chefs in some remote part of the world and has them using native ingredients to create a meal for a (presumably un-foodie-ish) local community. The pilot's one of several that have been ordered by the network, and it might not get picked up, but sounds intriguing! It will also feature New York chef Michael Psilakis (Fish Tag), who's serving as producer. [BuzzFocus via Scoop] Update: We just got in this photo of Crenn and her cohorts on location in Hawai'i, and though she can't talk about the show, she says, "It's going to be great." Also, we just found that chef Madison Cowan posted some other photos, including stills from the shoot, on his Facebook page, including one of Crenn looking sexy in the jungle while standing over a dead boar.