Who Gets Tartine’s Unsold Pastries?; Most Likely E. Coli Culprits

Andrew McKinley, owner of Adobe Books, collects unsold pastries at the end of the day from Tartine Bakery and tours around the Mission giving them away. [Mission Local]

Town Hall will not be doing it takeout barbecue lunch thing this summer. [Scoop]

One of our local Michelin inspectors says that Station 1 in Woodside has his/her "favorite beverage program of the year. So smart." [MichelinGuideSF/Twitter]

For your morning dose of fear-mongering, here are the foods most likely to carry E. coli. Top culprits: undercooked meat and eggs also, salads! [Discovery News]

Here's the thing: If animals are being raised properly and humanely, you're very unlikely to get E. coli or salmonella from the meat, and the animals won't need antibiotics on a regular basis, either. [HuffPo]

On your mark, get set, lunch! Midday formal dining speeds up around the country. [WSJ]

Bakery chain Au Bon Pain is redesigning its restaurants. It's hoping the changes will bring in more bread. [NRN]