Who Gets Tartine’s Unsold Pastries?; Most Likely E. Coli Culprits

• Andrew McKinley, owner of Adobe Books, collects unsold pastries at the end of the day from Tartine Bakery and tours around the Mission giving them away. [Mission Local]

Town Hall will not be doing it takeout barbecue lunch thing this summer. [Scoop]

• One of our local Michelin inspectors says that Station 1 in Woodside has his/her "favorite beverage program of the year. So smart." [MichelinGuideSF/Twitter]

• For your morning dose of fear-mongering, here are the foods most likely to carry E. coli. Top culprits: undercooked meat and eggs — also, salads! [Discovery News]

• Here's the thing: If animals are being raised properly and humanely, you're very unlikely to get E. coli or salmonella from the meat, and the animals won't need antibiotics on a regular basis, either. [HuffPo]

• On your mark, get set, lunch! Midday formal dining speeds up around the country. [WSJ]

• Bakery chain Au Bon Pain is redesigning its restaurants. It's hoping the changes will bring in more bread. [NRN]