A Wine Country Restaurant Ditches Its Wine List; Too Much Caffeine Will Make You Crazy

Shimo, the Healdsburg offshoot of Cyrus that recently went from a high-end, Japanese-influenced steak focus to being more of a ramen house, is ditching their wine list and offering free corkage. Chef-owner Douglas Keane found he was making more money off of beer, sake, and cocktails. [Scoop]

• Hoss Zaré, of Zaré at Fly Trap, is starting to package and sell his own harissa, which will be for sale exclusively at the restaurant to start. [Feast]

• Soon to arrive on the menus of McDonald's in Europe: Filet-O-Sustainable-Fish: The chain has pledged to use only seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. [HuffPo]

• Hearing voices? You might not be crazy, just over-caffeinated: A study shows consuming more than five cups of coffee a day can lead to "auditory hallucinations." [HuffPo]

• New Chet's restaurant in Toledo, the 38-year-old restaurant that President Obama name-checked last week as an indirect benificiary of the auto bailout, is actually about to close because of the economy. [HuffPo]

• Kind of creepy: Argentine scientists have created a cloned cow that spurts out milk that's very similar to human breast milk. [Yahoo Canada]

• Food shortages? Bah! Scientists are very close to creating a fungus-resistant "super wheat" with a 15 percent higher yield than normal crops. [NPR]

• The USDA is currently developing a system to provide farmers with emissions-reduction credits for cutting back on fertilizers and other sources of greenhouse gases. [USAT]