What Is Up With Spire?


Though restaurateurs love to say that a closure is "only temporary" when it happens all of a sudden, particularly after a place has only been open a few months, we're pretty close to calling it dunzo for Spire (685 Third Street) in SoMa. The place opened last July and then pretty quickly closed up shop right after Valentine's Day without any notice, with promises to reopen in April. That hasn't come to pass, and meanwhile baseball season's started at the nearby ballpark, and we've heard nothing. The last tweet from the team came February 15, their phone number's been disconnected, and there's a vague promise of new website "coming May 1st," which also hasn't happened. We have a report from one neighborhood source of some furniture getting moved in or out a week or so ago. Given the phone number thing we wonder if there could be new owners involved along with a new name and concept on the way. Anyhow, until we see new signs of life, we're calling the time of death here February 14. [Grub Street]